Challenging some NGO’s fake humanitarianism which motto goes

The West is morally superior and righteous enough to enforce its ways onto the entire human population, and anyone challenging the US Department of State views happens to be – oh coincidence – the worst transgressors of human rights

This website features flagrant violations of freedoms which are systematically omitted, veiled, and/or played down by self-proclaimed humanitarian NGO’s as Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders and other actors of Western cultural warfare.

Viewers are kindly welcomed to share similar episodes of Western violations of basic human rights that get no mention in the reports of these pseudo-humanitarian NGO’s. Sharing can be done through the comment sections.

Western cultural warfare NGO’s recruit well intended people. This website is not against them or questioning their humanitarian motivations, but rather criticizing the political motivation of those who dictate the guidelines of these institutions and their frameworks of understanding of human situations.